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Can you sell a flat when the world is in Lockdown?

Madrid has been in lockdown for 6 weeks now. The week before the measures were announced I had just about completed my last flat, a one bedroom flat in central Malasaña. The kitchen is installed, barring the counter top, the walls are freshly painted, barring the bedroom colour, and the furniture lies in boxes in the corner. The dressing room cupboards are ready to be installed by the carpenters and the shower door hung. I would say its 95% complete. Yet nobody can go and see it which makes it complicated to sell.

I didn't have time to make a video of the property which would have helped, a virtual tour.

I won't say impossible as I have seen flats sold to (foreign) buyers off the back of an internet advert. I wanted to go and see a small property in Malasaña in January, just before I bought this one, and it had sold within an hour or so (around 9pm) of going online, to a Mexican buyer, sight unseen. The price was under market value, however, so because of the location it was a great buy. So, I could put it online at an incredible price and see what happens, or wait and see if people can come and see it in the next few weeks.....for now I´m waiting.

As are all the estate agents and owners of properties for sale everywhere....

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