Buyer Agent

Hire us as you Exclusive Buyer Agent for your purchase of Madrid real estate.

When I lived in Mexico I had to change tack from the investment banking world and I decided to go into property sales.

I trained with two local real estate companies (Coldwell Banker La Costa and La Punta Realty in Punta Mita) and ended up setting up my own  boutique agency in 2007.

Pacific Boutique Properties had several offices along the North Shore of Rivera Nayarit and focused on the high end real estate market. Our clients were predominantly US and Canadian clients, and I loved the process of selecting properties for them online, introducing them to the area on their visits, and hand-holding them through the often daunting process of buying property in Mexico.

In Mexico, as in the US, a very efficient Multiple Listing model (MLS) works well for agents and clients alike, with complete transparency on who is selling each property, pricing, etc. 

I soon realised from my time as a sales agent at one of Madrid's most exclusive agencies that the system here is more convoluted since in  Europe there is not really any functioning MLS,

certainly not in the way there is in the US or Mexico, so of course agencies are often in competition with each other,

rather than working in partnership (There are several agencies here who collaborate and work well with other

agencies, and who have worked well selling my flats in the past, but it’s not really the norm). 

Properties may  be listed with several agencies, and by the owner, and it's not unusual for a client to be offered

the same property by many different agents, even at many different price points!

A quick look at Idealista, the main property portal here will confirm this.

Having been a Buyer and a Seller of real estate  in Madrid for the past 5 years I have seen how the market works and where it can be improved for buyers as I go through the process myself time and again. In addition, I’m a foreigner here, just as I was in Mexico, so am well placed to understand the concerns, questions and doubts that a foreign buyer 

will have. I know that as a buyer it can be very frustrating to be offered the same property again and again by different agencies.

I have good relationships with the majority of the different agencies here,  know who to work with, who is  the most efficient and honest (and who is less so!), and who may have properties which are not on the radar.

Working  directly for the buyer means I have no incentive to sell one property over another and of course, instead of just being able to show you our own company's listings,  can show you anything on the market.

We are able to work on our clients´ behalf to shortlist properties in order to make the best use of their time and find the perfect place with the least hassle.

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