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Shamans and Dragonflies in magical Mandarina!

My first buyers here in Mandarina are a couple from San Francisco, although he is of Mexican descent. They came on holiday here with a group of friends and wanted to organise a ceremony to bless their property. This was the first time anything like this had been done for one of the Private Homes, and was quite a moving experience. As Danielle describes below, they ended up being surrounded by dragonflies as the shaman was doing this thing......even a cynic would have been moved! Read her account below and the full version in the link.

In a Luxury-Home Market Obsessed With Wellness, the ‘Shaman Is Another Level Altogether’

Article originally appeared in Mansion Global

A crop of new buildings, in a perennial race for more enticing amenities, are tending to the mental and spiritual health of their wealthy residents.

Luxury concierges, expected to go to the ends of the Earth to satisfy residents, may have to tread even further in their latest role.

A new crop of luxury buildings looking for more creative ways to stand out and attract wellness-focused buyers is going beyond, the flashy fitness centers and spas to add meditation gardens, cold plunges or ice baths—and, yes, spiritual concierges, who connect residents with healers, therapists and a bevy of other experts to help with mental and emotional health.

One&Only Mandarina Private Homes, in Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit, also offers spiritual aid—a shaman to be exact who leads a traditional Mexican sage ceremony for interested buyers to bless their new homes.

Danielle Lepe, a San Francisco resident who works at Facebook, for one, bought a six-bedroom residence at the property with her husband and jumped at the chance. “I want any home of mine to have good energy, and I believed that a shaman could bring that in,” she said.

Ms. Lepe and her husband invited several friends to join them for the auspicious day, which she said saw clusters of hundreds of dragonflies circling the sky. The shaman saged the property inside and out, she said, and also blessed their expecting friend. “I am not at all a hippie-dippy type, and neither are our friends, but our spirits and souls felt nourished,” she said. “We felt an incredible sense of peace and that everything would be O.K.”

The development’s overall wellness amenities were a big reason why the property appealed to her and her husband, said Lepe. “It has the best breathwork and fitness classes that we fully take advantage of, but the shaman is another level altogether,” she said.

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