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Madrid Boutique Properties - Your Exclusive Buyer Agent.

Since I started buying and selling my own flats in central Madrid I have seen hundreds of properties, pounded every street in central Madrid (and beyond) and met very many interesting people along the way; whether buyers, sellers, or intermediaries. I have met hundreds of agents, from all the big agencies in Madrid, and many one person agencies who work just as hard if not harder. I have met met some very professional ones....and some not quite so professional.

When selling my own places I have shown them to potential clients from both Spain, but mostly to clients from abroad, as Madrid has been a magnet in recent years for foreign investors. Most have been Latin Americans, especially Venezuelans a couple of years ago more Colombians, and, more recently, Mexicans. As other countries become more unstable, or there is the fear that there is a possibility of them becoming so, investors from Spanish-speaking countries looking to take money out and invest in property elsewhere, naturally gravitate towards Madrid. We are also seeing people who may have bought in Miami now looking to buy in Europe instead.

When I first moved here I worked with an great agency for a short time but left when I was able to start up my own business. Coming from Mexico where there was a very well established MLS system and complete transparency when it came to working with clients and agencies, the system here is a rather different and I found that I didn´t enjoy it.

Here property can be listed with an number of agencies, and with the owners themselves. The same property may appear in different places, or even the same portals, with different details and different prices.

Agents may try hard to get properties to show, but not being completely honest. (I have had agents showing up as clients to see my properties, only to get a foot in the door and hit you with a sales pitch instead, with no client actually interested or existing.) Ive also had clients coming to see my flats having already seen it with another agent.

Of course there are many very reputable agencies in Madrid and I have been lucky enough to sell my properties through several of them. However as a buyer, and especially as a foreign buyer, the system can feel overwhelming. Overseas clients, especially from the US or Latam are used to dealing with only one agent who has access to all the properties listed on the Multiple Listing Systems.

What better then than to do the next best thing and hire a Buyer´s Agent who can deal with all the other agencies for you, create short lists, visit properties beforehand and maximise your time when you visit Madrid?

Over the years I have been asked time and again if I can find properties for people and now, with 5 years under my belt dealing with the various agencies and the names and numbers of Madrid´s best agents and knowing how to get access to the best properties, Madrid Boutique Properties can guide you through the buying process as your exclusive Buyer´s Agent.

Contact us by email or whatsapp for more infomration.

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