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Back to school...back to work 🎈

.... today all of my children went back to school - just under 6 months of doing schooling combined with the (extremely) long Spanish summer holidays and suddenly just like that it’s over and we are back to school and work like any other September.

I feel as though it´s a momentous occasion! There are a lot of new rules, and social distancing is a whole new challenge, but children need to be back with their friends, and while our school did a fabulous job with online learning, actually being at school is so much healthier all round, and means working parents can get back to work without trying to juggle it with google meets and phonics, with break times and gardening......

We complete the final details to our clients´ renovation project in Chueca this week, ready for a thorough cleaning and setting up the furniture for the photos In a week or two.

It´s been a long slog, as it should have been an easy renovation that under normal circumstances would have been completed before the summer, but which has dragged on over confinement and the slower summer here in Madrid, but we are almost there.

Watch this space and our instagram feed for updates!

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