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New project.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

After a long Spanish summer I’m back to work. Having kept half an eye on the market from a distance, once I was back in Madrid in early September I started looking in earnest and found a new (old) property in Barrio Salamanca - in fact it’s about 4 blocks away from the third property I did on Ortega y Gasset. I know the area well and am thrilled with the flat- a south/west facing exterior apartment in a lovely 1930s building.

I’ll be updating the site and more often the instagram feed and stories once we get going with construction at the beginning of October, in the meantime I'm busy with the architects and the plans, which I really enjoy.

Having had such a long time over the summer to mull over ideas and designs I have a pretty clear idea of how I want it to look. Being S/W facing and with exterior windows it will have a lot of natural light - especially in the open plan kitchen / dining / living space with its windows on both sides.

I'm also excited as I have found some great new furniture makers from the UK, so I am just in the process of choosing some of their smaller furniture items now now which will give this flat a unique feel.

Enjoy the rest of this month and I’ll come back in October with a demolition update!

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