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Before and after!

As usual I have really enjoyed scrolling back through my (numerous) photos and putting together these little layouts of the latest job - a third floor south facing flat in Madrid’s Chamberí district. It was a small flat with great light and perfect location in central Madris but made up of lots of tiny boxy rooms, and we really had to work hard to make the most of every square cm. 

The south-facing living room windows and balconies looking out onto Eloy Gonzalo street. We knocked down the middle wall which separates two small rooms to create a beautifully square light-filled living/dining space.  

The master bedroom was previously two pokey box rooms which again we opened up. The kitchen and bathroom (well a WC and basin, no bath or shower!) was at the back of the property and became the dressing room and master bathroom. 

The guest bedroom. 

The front hallway which we used to make a seating area and storage space beside the second bathroom. 

The kitchen which leads off the main living space. 

Corridor with its original door and light fixtures restored. 

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