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Working on the interiors of the latest project.

White, greens and a tiny bit  of  gold......

I had been thinking about the decoration of this project since before I even bought it - having a month to negotiate meant I had a lot of time to imagine the final result!   I had in my mind a lot of whites, with splashes of colour and some gold and have gone over various ideas for colours, deciding on green here as the contrast. 

With each flat I try to do something different, rather than something that is just trending at the moment or will date quickly since whoever buys the flat will want a style that won’t look passé within a year.

Since the flat is south-facing and the lightest and brightest of all the properties I have done so far,  I am going to leave the living room all white. (In previous projects I always added something to the walls, a beautiful grey wallpaper / grey walls  and shutters / blue accent wall, here I am going back to basics! The floor is a white oak (the same as in the other Chamberi flat in Calle Gonzalo de Córdoba), the walls and ceilings left white; as are the wooden shutters which are being sanded and repainted also white. The grey ones in GDC looked stunning but I don’t feel like I want to do that again. 

While I adore all the gold and black kitchens around (Miele have a lovely one advertised everywhere at the moment, very sexy) I am going for a simple dark grey and wood look in this kitchen, similar in some ways to the kitchen in Gonzalo de Córdoba - albeit with an different and unusual splashback - which won’t date as fast. 

The rest of the flat will be white (same floor throughout) and all white walls but with touches of gold and green which does seem to be the colour of the season being spring. (I remember that this time last year I changed at the last minute from blue to green furnishings, must be Sping).  

The reason I  went for green was quite by chance; I found two old mushy pea-green velvet armchairs in El Rastro in perfect nick, which I’m going to make some adjustments to and use, and that dictated the colour scheme for working around.

I have bought some new gold accent pieces though, to satisfy the urge for a bit of bling against all the white!

As with all the projects my bathroom tiles are from the Spanish company Vives and follow the white/green theme. (They are in among this lot but again I'll reveal all later!)

In the last two flats I hung mid-century ceiling lamps from a favourite  anticuario in El Rastro....but I was so lucky with this property since there were several ceiling light fixtures I could make use of. I spent this weekend washing and polishing them and they are coming up really well. 

Still a lot to work on and the basics to buy but in the meantime I'm having lot of fun doing it.


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