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Before and after pictures

As these are the photos people want to see - and ones I enjoy putting into collages - here are some of the pictures of the project before and after. 

Me on the rubble of what was the kitchen, and what was another bedroom filled with all the old carpintery, now the dressing room. 

The original kitchen, now the master bedroom,  showing the old ‘fresquera’ or cool box (old-fashioned fridge area) which was a space on the outside of the kitchen wall now turned into a space for the radiator). The white tiled wall came down to make the bedroom one large suite with dressing room and bathroom.   

Another bedroom, which became the guest room and the bathroom which is now the kitchen. 

The living and dining room, previously a bedroom and cramped living room. 

The entrance hall and bedroom; now the dressing room. 

The long dark corridor which we opened up to make the kitchen area. 

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