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Recycling chic?

Recycling is usually synonymous with bringing back your empty bottles or remembering to separate your kitchen rubbish. It certainly isn't the first thing you think of when you look at buying a newly renovated furnished property in central Madrid.

Restored windows onto balcony and Weaver Green rug and cushions

If you have seen out other flats you may know that I love finding original features and always try to restore any shutters, doors, windows and radiators. Sometimes this is much more complicated than just throwing away all the old doors and windows and fitting new ones.

Each piece must be taken down, cleaned, sanded, and painted and in the case of doors and windows have all the glass replaced (or even double paned glass fitted for exterior balcony windows that give onto the street, new hardware fitted (handles that fit, sometimes not easy to find). Sometimes the doors and windows themselves are warped and have to be worked on for hours before they will close properly.

Now I am also trying to source pieces which environmentally friendly to decorate the flats. In the latest project on Ortega Y Gasset the chic blue and white rug and cushions are from a UK company based out of Salcombe called Weaver Green founded by a friend of mine. The items are made from - believe it or not - recycled plastic bottles.

Weaver green rug.

As with the last flat I wandered around Madrid's flea market, El Rastro, looking for lamps that can be polished up and used - in this flat a mid century globe chandelier has been hung to great effect above the dining room table.

Finally a 100 year old ottoman has been reupholstered, and placed in the dressing room area.

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