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Spring in Madrid - blossom and snow.

Japan is renowned for its spectacular spring time cherry blossom, but Madrid can certainly give it a run for its money. From February onwards, our our trees burst into blooms of pink, white and even the brightest yellows, contrasting against an azure Spanish sky.  

Look up as you walk along cafe-lined streets in the centre of Madrid and see cherry and almond trees covered in varying shades of the most elegant pinks and whites, contrasting with the vivid yellow flowers on the mimosa trees those too ablaze with blossom. 

A Sunday walk though any of our many parks is to walk through piles of newly fallen delicate blossoms almost as though there has been a light snow fall covering the grass. 

Less than 70 km away, in the local ski resort, snow is still thick on the ground and the slopes  busy with locals getting a last ski fix before the hot weather. 

Summer is now just around the corner!

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