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Madrid Boutique Properties - Renovations and Interiors for clients.

Last year I was approached by a family who had been interested in a couple of my previous projects - but the timing haven't quite worked out for them to buy one. They ended up buying their own property and contacted me again to see whether I might be interested in working together on the renovation.

Towards the end of last year they flew to Madrid a few times so I could get a clearer idea of what they were looking for....and so began my first project doing a renovation and interiors for a third party, bringing a new angle to the business - which I must say I am enjoying immensely.

As the clients live abroad and don´t speak Spanish, having someone here who does, and who can be their eyes and ears on the ground throughout the construction progress makes the whole process is a little less daunting. As well as working hand in hand with the architects and builder on the layout, design and build, I will be delivering a full interior package for them so that the apartment is ready to go for high-end rentals.

Once done this will be a gorgeous two bedroom two bathroom flat in one of Madrid´s trendiest districts, Chueca.

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